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Polymorphic glutathione S-transferase p1 is a risk factor of primary open-angle glaucoma

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First Author: A.Savic-Radojevic SERBIA

Co Author(s):    M. Stamenkovic   T. Djukic   V. Lukic   M. Pljesa- Ercegovac   A. Bajic   T. Simic     

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Reactive oxygen species play an important role in the development of glaucoma elevating the intraocular pressure, or directly damaging the retinal ganglia cells. The glutathione transferases (GST) are located in different ocular structures and participate in the inactivation of various toxic metabolites that could possibly damage the protein eye structure and lead to the decreased aqueous humor outflow that will consequently elevate the intraocular pressure.


To examine the association of glutathione transferase P1 polymorphisms, GSTP1 rs 1695 (Ile105Val) and GSTP1 rs 1138272 (Ala114Val), with the risk for primary open angle glaucoma.


A case control study with 102 glaucoma patients and 132 age and gender-matched controls was carried out. Single nucleotide polymorphism of GSTP1 rs1695 and GSTP1 rs1138272 polymorphisms were determined by qPCR.


We found a two times increased risk in glaucoma patients, carriers of GSTP1*A/G genotype (rs 1695) in comparison to patients with wild-type GSTP1*A/A genotype (OR=1.96, p=0.023). Considering another GSTP1 polymorphism (rs1138272), there was a statistically lower risk in patients with GSTP1*C/T genotype in comparison to patients with wild-type GSTP1*C/C genotype (OR=0.463, p=0.048). Moreover, haplotype analysis has shown that carriers of the GSTP1-1B (*G*C) allelic variant were at increased risk to develop glaucoma than the carriers of the wild type GSTP1*A (*A/C) allele (OR=1.64, p=0.039).


TPGSTP1-1B polymorphic variant is associated with an increased risk for primary open angle glaucoma and possibly contributes to lower antioxidant defense in various ocular structures.

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