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Fugo Gonio Fenestration (FGF)

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First Author: E.Ramadan SAUDI ARABIA

Co Author(s):    K. Hassan                    

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To study and evaluate the outcomes of a novel approach in managing glaucoma by using fugo blade gonio fenestration either separate or combined with viscocanalostomy.


Magrabi Eye and Ear hospitals and Centers, KSA


In this study 28 patient with primary open angle and exfoliation glaucoma were enrolled in this preliminary study. Patients were 16 males and 12 females age 35-86 years. Viscocanalostomy is done with fornix based conjunctival flab, after fashioning the superficial scleral, deep flab is excised after creating trabeculo-descemt window and injecting viscoelastic into schlemm canal Ostia Using gonio prism or lens after tamponading the angle with viscoelastic Fugo blade100micron tip is straightened and advanced to the angle making micro fenestrations to the angle reaching the suprachoroidal space , closing the superficial scleral flab with 10/0 vicryl suture .


Mean preoperative IOP of 29.4 mm Hg (range, 26 to 41 mm Hg) decreased to a mean postoperative last visit IOP of 11 mm Hg (range, 11 to 14 mm Hg). Mean follow up period is 2Months-18 months. No intraoperative complication except for minimal controllable hyphema, no hypotony Follow up was 1 day, 1week, 2weeks and monthly later on.


Fugo Gonio Fenestration (FGF) Is an effective and safe technique in managing primary open angle and exfoliation glaucoma and augmenting the intraocular pressure control by viscocanalostomy with no intra or post-operative complication achieving satisfactory IOP reduction in short term follow up.

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