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Efficacy of selective laser trabeculoplasty in management of secondary silicone-induced ocular hypertension

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First Author: O.Parkhomenko UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    V. Sergienko                    

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To study efficacy of the selective laser trabecuplasty in treatment of secondary open angle silicon-induced ocular hypertension.


Ophthalmology Clinic of Professor Sergienko, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Fifteen patients (15 eyes) with increased intraocular pressure (IOP) after retinal detachment surgery with silicone tamponade were included in the study. Among them 9 eyes were combined with a myopia of high degree and 6 eyes had a refraction near emmetropia. Gonioscopic examination revealed open anterior chamber angle in all cases although in several cases small fragments of emulsified silicon oil were seen. SLT was performed using double Q-switched: YAG laser Optimis Fusion (Quantel Medical, France) with wavelength 532nm, pulse duration 4nsec and 400�Â�µm beam diameter. IOP measurement was performed before SLT, 2 and 6 months after the treatment.


Prior to SLT the IOP over 21 mmHg was registered in 9 cases and over 31 mmHg in 4 cases. In 2 patients the IOP was 19-20 mmHg, however they bitterly complained in regard of necessity of using drops. Two months after SLT the IOP over 21 mm Hg was found in 7 patients and 5 of them had a myopia of high degree. After 6 months in one patient IOP remained increased which has been considered as indication for glaucoma surgery. In 14 patients IOP became beneath 21 mm Hg and in 4 of them without hypotensive medications.


As compared with different surgical methods of glaucoma treatment SLT may be related to low traumatic approaches. Positive result without complications, although not in all patients, should be considered positively. Our experience suggested that main factor for ocular hypertension after silicone oil tamponade is specific action of the silicone oil on trabecular tissues, but not mechanical blockade of the anterior chamber angle. Myopic eyes are more inclined for development of the secondary hypertension. SLT appeared to be an effective method to treat silicone induced ocular hypertension.

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