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ET-1 effect on functional and structural change in patients with POAG

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First Author: S.Ljaljevic BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

Co Author(s):    E. Alimanovic   M. Lika- Pranjic                 

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To determine the value of ET-1 in the plasma and humor aqueous patients with POAG and control group of patients without glaucoma.To investigate the correlation of plasm ET-1 and humor aqueous ET-1 with the parameters of visual field and OCT in POAG and non glaucomatous group.




In this prospective, clinical, manipulative study included 60 patients of both sexes. All patients were hospitalized at the Department of Ophthalmology KCUS, for glaucoma surgery (Trepanotrabeculectomy) or for cataract surgery. Patients were divided into 2 groups of 30 patients: patients with POAG and a control group of patients hospitalized for surgery cataract without glaucoma. Additionally done clinical biochemical and immunological determination of the value of plasm ET-1 and AH ET-1. We followed the parameters of the visual field (Otopus 101), MD and LV, and the diameter of the excavation (C / D) and vertical diameter of excavation using OCT.


There was no SS differences in the plasm ET-1 between POAG and control group, but SS higher values of ET-1 in AH in POAG than in the CG; CG 1,13 pg/ml; POAG 2.80 pg/ml. There was a SS positive correlation between plasm ET-1 and vertical diameter of excavation in the POAG group (rho = 0.448, p <0.05); SS positive correlation between AH ET-1 and C/D ratio (rho = 0.551, p <0.05), and AH ET-1 and vertical diameter of exavation (rho = 0.515, p <0.05). Positive correlation of AH ET-1 and MD of VF (rho=0,637, p<0,01)., and LV of VF(rho=0,644, p<0,01).


The concentration of ET-1 in aqueous humor is significantly increased in patients with POAG compared to the control group and showed correlation with IOP, parameters of OCT and VF.

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