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New opportunity for normalization of high IOP after drainage surgery neovascular glaucoma in patients with diabetes mellitus

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First Author: D.Lipatov RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    A. Kuzmin   A. Tolkacheva   T. Chistakov              

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Drainage operations are becoming more widespread in the treatment of neovascular glaucoma in patients with diabetes mellitus. Unfortunately, according to various authors, their effectiveness does not exceed 70-80%. There is a question of finding ways for normalization increased intraocular pressure (IOP) in postoperative period


The aim is to estimate efficiency of contact transscleral diode-laser cyclocoagulation drainage after surgery neovascular glaucoma, which did not lead to normalization of IOP.


The study included 8 patients observed in the ophthalmic department of Endocrinology Research Centre, Moscow. All of them had previously drainage operation for secondary noncomensated neovascular glaucoma on the background of diabetic retinopathy. It wasn�â�€�™t succeeded to stabilize IOP in the postoperative period. It was performed contact transscleral diode-laser cyclocoagulation by an original method


Intraocular pressure was compensated (within 12-15 mm Hg) at all patients after trans-scleral contact diode-laser cyclocoagulation. Any complications during the period up to half a year haven't been noted.


It is possible to use contact transscleral diode-laser cyclocoagulation after drainage surgery of neovascular glaucoma for normalization of noncompensated intraocular tension at patients with diabetes mellitus.

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