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Bleb compression sutures in management of overfiltration after antiglaucoma surgery

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First Author: T.Zarnowski POLAND

Co Author(s):    E. Kosior-Jarecka   D. Wrobel-Dudzinska                 

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The aim of the study was the assessment of efficacy and safety of compression sutures in patients with overfiltrative hypotony after glaucoma surgery.


This study analyses the clinical outcomes of conjunctival compression sutures for 17 patients with ocular hypotony in Department of Diagnostics and Microsurgery of Glaucoma, Medical University, Lublin, Poland


Only patients with hyperfiltration hypotony defined as intraocular pressure (IOP)≥ 6mmHg associated with a reduced vision aquity were included. Mean age of patients was 60,5±20,5. The main diagnosis was POAG in 9 cases; PSG in 3; PEXG in 4; ; traumatic glaucoma in 1. Primary procedure was trabeculectomy in 9; phacotrabeculectomy in 4; revision in 3 cases and deep sclerectomy in 1 case. In 13 patients maculopathy decreasing visual acuity was observed and in 4 choroidal detachments were present. The compressive Nylon 10-0 single sutures were performed in all patients; in 2 patients the procedure was repeated.


Mean intraocular pressure before suturing was 2,3±1,57mmHg and increased to 14,2±7,03mmHg(p=0,00065) in 7 days after and to 11,5±5,4mmHg(p=0,0022) in 3 months. After 6 months mean IOP was 10,2±4,3mmHg(p=0,005), after one year 9±4,7mmHg (p=0,0117). To obtain the target pressure 1 patient needed the sutures to be released and in 3 patients medical therapy was entered. Mean best corrected visual acuity before the sutures was 0,18±0,13 and increased to 0,53±0,25 (p=0,0004) in 3 months; after 6 months 0,46±0,31 (p=0,005), after one year 0,31±0,22 (p=0,025). In 1 case after the procedure the leakage from the bleb was observed which needed resuturing.


The transconjuctival compression sutures placement seems to be efficient and safe technique for managing with ocular hypotony after glaucoma surgery .

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