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Eye drop instillation in glaucoma patients, does the fear of the instillation affect the therapy outcome? (EXTRA CO-AUTHOR P. Kovacevic)

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First Author: S.Konjevoda CROATIA

Co Author(s):    S. Canovic   A. Didovi�Ä�‡ Pavi�Ä�i�Ä�‡   M. Skara Kolega   D. Grasic   N. Striber   Z. Pastar     

Abstract Details


The aim of the study is to analyze whether the fear of blindness and the fear of the process of using eye drops had any effect on the technique of eye drop instillation in glaucoma patients.


Department of Ophthalmology, Zadar General Hospital, Zadar, Croatia Department of Health Studies, University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia


The study was performed in Zadar General Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology and included 250 glaucoma patients. They were asked about the fears they had with the glaucoma therapy and the possibility of blindness, and were asked to perform the eye drop instillation in the manner they regularly did at home. Their process of using the eye drops was videotaped then analyzed and compared in two groups of patients according to their fear of eye drop instillation and the possibility of blindness, to determine whether their fears affect the manner of using the therapy, ultimately affecting the therapy outcome.


Results According to our findings, patients that feared eye drop instillation had the need for more assistance in using the therapy (37%) and a lower percentage instilled the eye drops in a good manner (14%), while patients that feared the possibility of blindness were successful in using the eye drops (46%), and required less assistance (4%). Furthermore, in both groups almost half of the patients (49% in Group 1 and 51% in Group 2) made some sort of mistake while using the medication.


In our study, the fear in the process of using the eye drops in glaucoma patients was found to be an important factor affecting the process of the therapy itself. Therefore compliance to glaucoma therapy is one of the most important factors that allows for a good glaucoma therapy outcome. The disturbing fact is that almost half of the patients are making

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