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Canaloplasty ab-interno Visco 360: a new technique in combined and stand alone surgery

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First Author: N.Koerber GERMANY

Co Author(s):    S. Ondrejka                    

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To demonstrate the surgical technique and the first european results of canaloplasty ab interno with the Visco360 �â�€�“ device in patients with open angle glaucoma.


All surgeries were performed at an outpatient surgical setting.


After the phacoemulsification or in stand- alone procedures as first step ,the trabecular meshwork is opened by 0,5 mm and subsequently the integrated catheter ( diameter 200�Â�µ) is manipulated forward for 2 x 20 mm and during the retraction a defined amount of OVD ( eg Healon GV) is injected into Schlemm`s canal. Thus, the trabecular meshwork, Schlemm`s canal and the distal collector channels are dilated. The access is performed through either a temporal cataract incision or by a temporal 1,8 mm incision.


The first results are very encouraging. Three eyes were pseudophacic, five eyes were phacic and 21 eyes were treated with combined surgery. The IOP (mmHg) was reduced from pre-Op 19,95 +7,19 (N=29) to 15,66+3,5 after 3 months (N=28) ,and 13,23+2,5 after 6 months (N=7) . The pre-Op IOP was measured without a washout-phase. The medication pre-op was 2,0 in mean and post-Op 25 of 28 eyes were without medication after 3 months. After 6 months all 7 eyes were without medication. No adverse reactions or complications were observed.


Canaloplasty ab interno with Visco360 �â�€�“ device is an effective method to treat open angle glaucoma in combined or stand- alone surgery.

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