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Effect of phacoemulsification on intraocular pressure control in primary open-angle glaucoma

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First Author: E.Hassan Elatta SAUDI ARABIA

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�â�€�¢ To determine the effect of phacoemulsification on the IOP value in primary open angle glaucoma patients by comparing the IOP before and after phaco surgery. �â�€�¢ To detect the effect of phacoemulsification in patients with primary open angle glaucoma and cataract regarding the number of antiglaucoma drugs.


Makkah Eye Complex , Sudan


Study design Hospital based, retrospective study conducted from November 2014 to March 2015 Population Patients who had phaco with coexisting POAG Study area: MAKKAH EYE COMPLEX; specialized ophthalmology center, well equipped and serves patients from all over the Sudan, with sub specialized ophthalmic services. Sample selection obtained from only one clinic twice a week. Inclusion criteria Patients with coexisting POAG and cataract Exclusion criteria Cataract with other types of Glaucoma Complicated phaco surgeries Study techniques A typed questionnaire designed to collect data, patients assessed by specific eye examination including VA, slit lamp examination, fundus examination,IOP,perimetry,gonioscopy, then 1week, 1month, 2months postoperatively


The mean preoperative IOP was 21.3 mmHg 4.8 SD, mean 1 week postoperative IOP 20.4 mmHg 4.3 SD (P �â�€�“ value 0.08), one month 20.1 mmHg 3.7 SD (P �â�€�“ value 0.04), and two months 19.6 mmHg (P �â�€�“ value 0.01). The mean IOP reduction was 0.8 to 1.7 mmHg (P = 0.00). The mean number of preoperative antiglaucoma topical medications 2.1 drugs 0.7 SD, one week postoperative 1.6 drugs 0.9 SD (P-value 0.008), one month 1.58 drugs 0.78 SD (P-value 0.003), two months 1.44 drugs 0.7 SD (P-value 0.000).


1. In conclusion phaco induces significant intraocular pressure reduction in the short postoperative period in glaucomatous patients. 2. Phaco can be performed with intent of achieving better IOP control. 3. Glaucomatous patients may get benefit from phaco by decreasing the amount of topical antiglaucoma medications.

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