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Evaluation of EX-PRESS glaucoma filtration device implantation in Saudi Arabia glaucoma patients

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First Author: K.Ghazal SAUDI ARABIA

Co Author(s):    H. El Hamzawy                    

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To evaluate the efficacy and safety of EX-PRESS shunt implantation in Saudi Arabia glaucoma patient.


study done in Magrabi Eye &Ear Hospital, JEDDAH, KSA


Retrospectively evaluating EX-PRESS shunts implantation of 62 eyes not controlled on maximal tolerable medical glaucoma therapy, in 32 eyes combined with cataract extraction. demographic information ,glaucoma type, surgical details ,preoperative and post-operative data including intraocular pressure (day 1,1week,1 month and every 3 months ),number of mediation , post-operative complications and any follow up procedure recorded. Exclusion criteria: any history of retinal disease or trauma, patients who had previous surgical glaucoma intervention


average age of the study sample was 58Yrange from 32-90 year, the type of glaucoma included POAG (23), Pseudo exfoliation glaucoma (8) and inflammatory glaucoma (1). average preoperative IOP was 26.42 mmhg range from (19-52), post operatively was 12.67 In 1st week, 13.423 after 1 month , 13.538 after 3 months and after 6 months was 14.65 . Average number of anti-glaucomatous drug usage deceased from 2.25 preoperatively to 0.193 6 months postoperatively.


EX-PRESS valve implantation show efficacy and safety profile in Saudi Arabia patients esp. in early post-operative period although its highly cost limits its usage as primary procedure and should be serve as a secondary procedure after failed trabeculectomy.

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