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Outcomes in mild, moderate, and severe glaucoma through two years following phacoemulsification with trabecular micro-bypass stent implantation in a predominantly Hispanic population

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First Author: M.Gallardo USA

Co Author(s):    R. Supnet                    

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To assess intraocular pressure (IOP), medication reduction, and safety parameters through 2 years postoperative in OAG eyes of primarily Hispanic patients, as stratified by preoperative glaucoma severity.


Private single-surgeon ophthalmology practice in El Paso, Texas, USA.


One iStent (Glaukos) was implanted through the cataract surgery incision in 156 eyes (104 with 2-year data). Recorded parameters included patient history and preop/postop IOP, meds, visual field, cup to disc (C:D) ratio, and complications/interventions. Two-year outcomes, including IOP �â�‰�¤ 15 mmHg and medication reduction, were compared across three glaucoma severity levels (Mild, Moderate, Severe).


Among eyes with two-year data (N=104), mean IOP reduced to 12.6 �Â�± 1.8 mmHg versus 16.8 �Â�± 4.0 mmHg preoperatively, with excellent safety. Mean two-year IOP decreased to 13.1 �Â�± 1.9 mmHg (versus 16.4 �Â�± 2.9 mmHg preoperatively) in eyes with �â�€�œMild�â�€� glaucoma (N=26); 13.0 �Â�± 1.5 mmHg (versus 17.3 �Â�± 3.6 mmHg) in eyes with �â�€�œModerate�â�€� glaucoma (N=26); and 12.2 �Â�± 1.4 mmHg (versus 16.8 �Â�± 4.5 mmHg) in eyes with �â�€�œSevere�â�€� glaucoma (N=46). In each severity, 88-100% of eyes achieved mean IOP �â�‰�¤ 15 mmHg (100% were �â�‰�¤ 18 mmHg), and 41-65% became medication-free (versus 2-15% preoperatively).


In this population of mainly Hispanic patients with mild, moderate, or severe glaucoma, results through 2 years following implantation of 1 iStent during cataract surgery showed substantial IOP and medication reductions across all glaucoma severities, with favorable safety. These data show the iStent to be effective not only in mild to moderate but also severe glaucoma, and also within a varied demographic population.

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