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The Starflo glaucoma implant: results and experiences after follow-up of 1 year in St. Johannes Hospital in Dortmund

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First Author: S.Fili GERMANY

Co Author(s):    E. Papadopoulou   P. Woelfelschneider   M. Kohlhaas              

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To investigate the safety and effectiveness of the Starflo implant. The results of 1 year follow-up are presented in patients with open-angle glaucoma, PEX-Gaucom and congenital glaucoma.


Clinic of Ophthalmology, St.-Johannes-Hospital in Dortmund, Germany


A prospective study with a total of over 20 patients, in which the suprachoroidal implantation of the StarfloTM was indicated for long-term intraocular pressure reduction is still in process and evaluation.


No intraoperative complications have been reported after the implantation of Starflo. Postoperative complications include hyphema and fibrin formation in the anterior chamber, which were completely resorbed after the first postoperative month. A postoperative bulbar hypertension was the most common complication after the first 3 months. The reduction of IOP was satisfying after 6 months. The reduction of the local antiglaucoma drops was significant for a maximum of two substance 6 months postoperatively. A small number of patients needed a further surgery to regulate the intraocular pressure. Another advantage of Starflo-implantation is the relatively short learning curve for experienced ophthalmic surgeons.


The Starflo implant appears to be a safe and effective alternative treatment method for patients with refractory open-angle glaucoma to conventional glaucoma surgery.

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