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Long-term outcome of selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT): 5 years results in Saudi Arabia

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First Author: L.Ali Aljasim SAUDI ARABIA

Co Author(s):    S. Al-Shahwan                    

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SLT plays a major role in treating glaucoma patients, with increasing use as first line of management, for eyes with uncontrolled intraocular pressure(IOP) with maximal tolerated medical treatment when surgery is avoided, or as replacement to medical glaucoma treatment SLT effectiveness in reducing IOP is well established, though,its long lasting effect is controversial. we are reporting our SLT long term results


Glaucoma department, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Retrospective review of patients underwent SLT in 2011-2012. Review done in January 2017. SLT was considered successful when resulted in clinically significant IOP reduction (mostly IOP reduction �â�‰�¥3 mmHg or �â�‰�¥15%), or reduction of glaucoma medication �â�‰�¥1, with stable condition without the need for further medical or surgical intervention. When further intervention carried out SLT was considered failure Repeating SLT once more during follow up period was not considered as failure. Patients included are adult, with open angle glaucoma, or angle closure glaucoma with patent peripheral iridotomy and open angle �â�‰�¥180�Ë�š


191 eyes underwent 360�Â�°-180�Â�° SLT (80% had 360�Â�°), with 79.2 mean number of shots & 0.5 mj/shot (mean). Baseline IOP was 19.5�Â�±5.9 mmHg, on 2.5�Â�±1.2 glaucoma medications. Success rate was 75.4%, with reduction of IOP of 4.2�Â�±6 mmHg &1.08�Â�±1.1 reduction of medications. Success rate had significant correlation with baseline IOP, number of medication & extension of treatment. During follow up period of 49�Â�±14 months, 13%(n=19) had SLT repeated one more time, at mean of 31.4 months (4-46), and 11% (n=16) needed intervention for uncontrolled glaucoma (medical or surgical) at 35 (25-54) months.


SLT has good & sustained IOP reduction in Saudi population. Low rate of failure noted following initial success, and occurred after 2 years Repeating SLT was successful, independent of time interval

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