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Central corneal thickness (CCT) in glaucomatous eyes in Saudi population: a case control study

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First Author: L.Ali Aljasim SAUDI ARABIA

Co Author(s):    H. Al-Razqan   N. Alsulaiman   M. Alshareef   M. Al-Amri   M. Al-Futais        

Abstract Details


CCT is an important risk factor in diagnosing & monitoring progression of glaucoma, the thinner the cornea the higher risk of glaucomatous optic nerve damage, We looked into CCT in diagnosed glaucoma eyes (with early, moderate & advanced disease) and compared it with normal eyes (non-glaucomatous) in the same population. Taking in consideration other factors that might affect CCT; like high Myopia, age, gender & the use of glaucoma medications


King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Retrospective data of adult patients visiting our glaucoma clinic were collected, and age matching controls (not having glaucoma) were recruited from our screening clinic (eyes with error of refraction, cataract, or routine screening for diabetic retinopathy). Recruited eyes for both groups were virgin & laser na�Ã�¯ve, eyes with corneal pathology were excluded. Data collected were compared between both groups (CCT, age, gender, presence of pathological myopia)


74 glaucoma eyes & 55 controls. Mean CCT in glaucoma was 546.2�Â�±43 �Â�µm, in control 546.5�Â�±40 (P=0.976). CCT compared with age in glaucoma; R= -0.311, P=0.007, in control R=-0.353, P=0.008. CCT compared with level of myopia in glaucoma R=-0.165, P=0.161, in control R=-0.059, P=0.671. CCT was not effected by gender, nor by presence of Diabetes militias (P=0.183, P=0.823). CCT was not significantly different compared in eyes with different levels of glaucoma damage P=0.46, and wasn�â�€�™t influenced by glaucoma medications used (P=0.826) Comparing Primary open angle glaucoma & Pseudoexfoliative glaucoma (PXFG) showed significant difference in CCT, P=0.001


CCT have a significant negative relation with age, in both glaucoma & controls. Eyes with PXFG have significantly thinner cornea. CAI or the use of other glaucoma medications & presence of pathological myopia didn�â�€�™t influence CCT

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