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Combined laser cataract extraction using Nd:YAG laser λ=1.44 mcm with femtolaser assistance in patients with pathology of lens ligament apparatus

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First Author: D.Tverdova RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    E. Lexutkina   S. Sakhnov   V. Kopayeva              

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To define the preliminary results of combined femtolaser cataract extraction (FLEC) using ND-Yag laser λ=1.44 mcm (“Rakot”, Russia) with femtosecond assistance(LensSx, USA) in cataract surgery with pathology of lens ligament apparatus.


Sv. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex, Krasnodar Branch, Russia


28 cataract eyes complicated with the lens ligament pathology were operated on. Femto-stage was performed as standard with nucleus fragmentation by 3 rings; main laser stage (“Rakot”) was carried out by solid body ND-Yag laser λ=1.44mcm, with frequency-25Hz and power–140-250MJ using nucleus destroying “cup” type technique. Early cracking of epinucleus elastic ring was not allowed. The capsule sac, molten by epinucleus, protected the Zinn ligament from tractions and deformations with excessive mobility of the lens posterior capsule. In 4 cases iris-retractors were applied. In all cases IOL were implanted. Follow-up period–3 months.


Intraoperatively: 1 complication – femtocapsulorhexis rupture, at its hanging on iris-retractors at subluxation of the 2d degree. Post-operatively: on 1 day VA in 24 eyes (86%) ranged from 0.5-1.0.In 4 cases (14%) – 0.2-0.4, it was connected with the initial pathology of the retina and optic nerve. OCT of macular zone showed in 5 eyes fovea thickening to 5mcm. Corneal posterior epithelium cell loss in post-operative period in 3 months – on average 5.7%


Positive sides of FLEC: Femto-capsulorhexis and combination of nucleus fragmentation laser techniques (“rings”+ “cup”) contribute to absence of load on ligament apparatus of the lens at all stages and allow to avoid using of intracapsular rings, weighting the intracapsule “construction”, that minimize the risk of intra- and postoperative complications. FLEC at pathology of ligament apparatus of the lens is an effective and caring, exclusively laser energetic method, by which quick rehabilitation of patients with stable clinical results is achieved.

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