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The quality index Bellevue (QIB) as a quality measurement for femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS)

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First Author: J.Foerster GERMANY

Co Author(s):    T. Herbst   F. Ruefer   D. Holland              

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On the basis of a self-developed quality measurement system for medical outcome in cataract surgery, we developed a quality score for assessing the medical outcome of femtosecond-laser-assisted cataract surgery.


The nordBLICK�Â�® Eye Hospital Bellevue founded the �â�€�œQuality Network Bellevue�â�€�œ (QNB) and developed the �â�€�œQuality Index Bellevue�â�€� (QIB) as a quality measurement system for medical outcome. Both will be characterized during the presentation.


A detailed description of the initial quality score for cataract surgery as well as for the refined quality score for FLACS will be made. For refining the initial quality score, a systematic review of published articles about FLACS was conducted. The presentation of the quality scores will occur in a descriptive way. Statistical methods will be used depending on the scale level. For comparison of ordinal data, Mann-Whitney-Test (two groups) and Kruskal-Wallis tests (more than two groups) will be used. For examination of normally distributed metric data, ANOVA test as well as pairwise t-test will be used.


Beside general findings (VA, sph, cyl, etc.), medical findings of conjunctiva (possible irritations due to the docking process), posterior capsule (PCO) and cornea (edema due to detachment of Descemet�â�€�™s membrane) seem to be of particular importance in order to access the outcome quality of FLACS in a proper way. Corresponding adjustments in calculations of the quality score were made and taken into account for empirical analyses.


The adjustment of the Quality Index Bellevue for FLACS on the basis of the results gained by a systematic review seems to be necessary in order to assess outcome quality in a proper way. Adjusted quality scores were calculated on the basis of medical raw data collected within the Quality Network Bellevue (QNB). First empirical results were used for internal benchmarking. The quality score has already proven its usefulness for quality controlling in laser-assisted cataract surgery.

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