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Comparison of phacoemulsification parameter differences between conventional phacoemulsification surgery and femtosececond laser-assisted phacoemulsification surgery

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First Author: M.Eren TURKEY

Co Author(s):                        

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To investigate the differences of phacoemulsification parameters between conventional phacoemulsification surgery and femtosecond laser assisted phacoemulsification surgery.


Prospective non- randomized comparative case series. 207 cases (group 1 / CCS) who underwent conventional phacoemulsification and 180 cases (group 2 / FLACS) performed with femtosecond laser in total 387 cases were evaluated at D�Ã�¼nya G�Ã�¶z Hospital Etiler Branch between 03.01.2015 and 03.10.2017.


The femtosecond laser system was LENSAR �Â�® (FL; USA) and the phacoemulsification device was INFINITI �Â�® (Alcon, TX, USA).All cases were operated by the same surgeon using the same technique under topical anesthesia with the same equipment. Cases who developed any kind of complication during surgery were excluded from the study.There was no significant difference between the ages and the cataract hardness of the two groups.


Between group 1 and group 2;equivalent ultrasonic power in position three(18.94�Â�±4.248; 18.79�Â�±4.409;p=0.001), cumulative dissipated energy(11.17�Â�±6.933; 10.82�Â�±6.938; p=0.048), average phaco power in position three(3.47�Â�±18.369; 2.06�Â�±13.049; p=0,036) were significantly different in favor of group 2.In addition, there was a significant difference in favor of group 2 in all of the torsional phaco parameters,namely average torsional amplitude(46.44�Â�±9.093; 46.04�Â�±9.474,p=0,001), average torsional amplitude in position three(43.98�Â�±9.274; 43.86�Â�±9.671,p=0.004) and equivalent average torsional amplitude in position three(17.67�Â�±3.788;17.64�Â�±3.949, p=0.003).No significant difference was found in any of the other phaco parameters and fluid dynamics parameters.


In the femtosecond laser assisted phacoemulsification surgery; there is a significant decrease in ultrasonic power, cumulative dissipated energy and all torsional phaco parameters compared to conventional phacoemulsification surgery.

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