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FLACS: my indications

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First Author: M.Afifi EGYPT

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To gain experience in the technique, evaluate advantages and disadvantages and outline my indications for it.


Research Institute of Ophthalmology


This study included 50 eyes of 29 patients. Those were 10 males and 19 females. Twenty one were bilateral and 8 unilateral cases.Ages ranged from 62 years to 80 years. Peribulbar anesthesia was applied to all cases. The cases included: 6 eyes (12%) with pseudoexfoliation, 14 eyes (28%) with hypermetropia. Side ports were performed with metal blades. Toric IOLs were implanted in 8 eyes ( 16%) and Multifocal IOLs in 2 eyes( 4%). Intra and postoperative complications were analyzed.


Capsulotomies resulted in 39 free floating capsules (78%) and 8 capsules had microadhesions (16%). Conjunclival hemorrhage was noticed in 21 eyes (42%). Post laser miosis resulted in 5 eyes (10%), striate keratopathy in one eye (2%) and cystoid macular edema (CME) in one eye (2%).


FLACS is a useful advancement in cataract surgery. It provides precise and reproducible capsulotomy which helps perfect centration of premium IOLs. It is time consuming and expensive machine on the other hand. Learning curve should be considered.No vision threatening complications were encountered. Certain indications for me are outlined.

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