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Lifting a femtoflap first time after two days of flap creation: opening the unopened?

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First Author: A.Rashed EGYPT

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To report an uncommon refractive incident where a patient was scheduled for a routine Femto LASIK procedure using Intralasae IFS and excimer ablation with WaveLight�Â�® Allegretto Wave�Â�® Eye-Q machines, and an unfortunate technical error of the Allegretto machine delayed the ablation for two days after successful flap creation with the Intralasae with no flap raising at the incident.


Opthalmology Department,Faculty of Medicine,Cairo University.


Pentacam was performed before surgery revealed normal cornea.Femtolasik procedure for refractive correction was decided with wavefront optimized Excimer Laser. Bilateral femto flap creation of 100um thickness using the INTRALASE IFS machine was done.In the excimer ablation, an unexpected sudden technical error occurred to the Allegretto machine .Case was postponed.Two days later,patient was examined to determine the flap borders.Flap elevator was entered from the edge of the flap obliquely to make an opening point, then circumfrentially opening the gutter 270 degrees. Afterwards, the superior hinge flap was totally elevated with the elevator smoothly, and wavefront optimized excimer laser ablation applied.


First day postoperative the patient was examined.The flaps were coapted and cornea clear both eyes,and mild subconjuntival hemorrhage.One month later postoperative UCVA was 20/20 OU.


Succesful femtoflap creation makes flap lifting possible even after two days of its creation.The potential space created is still there, and facilitated flap elevation and continuation of the procedure with no mentioned difficulty. The question that arises to be further evaluated is the maximum duration primary f lap elevation can be done after flap creation without facing wound healing issues.

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