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Agreement of centration evaluation after SMILE between videokeratoscopic-based tangential curvature difference maps and Scheimpflug-based pachymetry difference maps

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First Author: E.Kim SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    D. Kang   D. Reinstein   T. Archer   G. Carp   H. Lee   T. Kim     

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To evaluate the agreement of treatment centration evaluation after SMILE between videokeratoscopic based tangential curvature difference maps and Scheimpflug based pachymetry difference maps.


Eyereum Eye Clinic, Seoul Korea. Department of Ophthalmology, Severance Hospital, Seoul,Korea.


191 eyes were evaluated with both the videokeratoscopic based tangential curvature difference maps ( Keratron, Scout) and the Scheimpflug based pachymetry difference maps( Pentacam HR, Oculus) for centration accuracy after SMILE. For the tangential curvature difference maps a fixed grid and set of concentric circles were superimposed to measure the off-set between the optical zone center and corneal vertex (0,0). For Scheimpflug based evaluation, the centration of the treatment zone was estimated pachymetrically by the distance of the thickest point on the corneal thickness differential map from the topographical center of the entrance pupil and the coaxial corneal light reflex.


Centration accuracy of both methods were comparable with 0.278 �Â�± 0.171 mm for the tangential difference map method with the placido based and 0.277 �Â�± 0.243 mm for the pachymetric difference map with the Scheimpflug camera (p=0.9483). Intraclass correlation was 0.6276 for single measures and 0.7712 for average measures.


There was good agreement between a videokeratoscopic based tangential difference map evaluation and Scheimpflug camera based pachymetric difference evaluation for determining treatment centration after SMILE

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