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Topography of the demarcation line after UV corneal cross-linking with progressive keratoconus

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First Author: E.Usubov RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    M. Bikbov   V. Surkova   L. Khalimova   K. Titoyan   S. Mukhamadieva        

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of the study was to determine the topographic location of the stromal line of demarcation after the standard corneal cross-linking in keratoconus.


Ufa eye research institute


12 patients (15 eyes) with a progressive keratoconus of 1-2 stages by the Amsler-Kruimerich classification underwent the study. The mean age varied from 18 to 46 years, the corneal thickness averaged 468�Â�±25 �Î�¼m, the refractive power of the cornea Kmax - on the average 49,7�Â�±2,6D. All patients underwent the procedure of UV cross-linking according to the standard 'Dresden' protocol with 0.1% aqueous solution of riboflavin


After 2-3 weeks, a slight pseudohaze was in 8 cases (53%). After 1 month, in 13 cases (87%), a complete demarcation line was identified. The depth of occurrence of the stromal demarcation line according to OCT was at the center of 305.73�Â�±41.08 �Î�¼m, nasally - 215.16�Â�±35.5 �Î�¼m and temporally 205,23�Â�±32.81 �Î�¼m. After 3 months, according to OCT, DL was detected in 6 cases (40%). The depth of its location was in the center of an average of 291.14�Â�±22.18 �Î�¼m, nasally - 201.15�Â�±27.5 �Î�¼m and temporally-190.13�Â�±43.58 �Î�¼m. In the periphery, the demarcation line was detected only in 5 cases (33%).


The optimal period for DL detection after corneal collagen cross-linking is 2- 12 weeks, and the depth of the stromal DL in the central area is deeper than peripheral ones.

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