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Comparison of reflectance confocal microscopy and two-photon microscopy in SMILE with accelerated cross-linking in rabbit model ex vivo

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First Author: J.Park SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    H. Koo   J. Lee   S. Lee   M. Kim   K. Kim        

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To compare imaging of ex vivo small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) with accelerated cross-linking (AcCXL, Avedro, Xtra) rabbit model using reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) and two-photon microscopy (TPM).


Miso eye clinic, Seoul, Republic of Korea NUNEMISO eye center, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Cornea of rabbits were treated with 3 different protocols (SMILE only, SMILE with AcCXL 30mW/cm2 of UV-A for 60 seconds, SMILE with AcCXL 30mW/cm2 of UV-A for 90 seconds). Two weeks after treatment, the corneas were enucleated and evaluated by RCM and TPM.


Both RCM and TPM could detect signals of crosslinking and have a good correlation each other. Although RCM could detect signals through presence of keratocyte, TPM could detect signals clearly compared to RCM through presence of keratocyte and patterns of collagen. Lesser keratocytes were detected in SMILE with AcCXL for 90 seconds in TPM imaging.


Effect of small incision lensticule extraction with accerelated cross-linking was able to detect using RCM and TPM. However, TPM could visualized morphologic changes of corneal stroma more clearly compared to RCM.

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