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Variable shape and energy delivered (ED), topography-customized (TG) CXL: 4-year efficacy and stability in the initial-globally clinical experience

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First Author: A.Kanellopoulos GREECE

Co Author(s):                        

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Evaluate safety, efficacy and stability of TG CXL long term.

Setting: Clinical and Research Eye Institute, Athens, Greece


32 consecutive poorly sighted eyes, of 18 patients underwent TG CXL. UV pattern included 3 areas of energy delivery of 15, 10 and 5 Joules, of 30mW/cm2 fluence. We evaluated age, acuity, auto-refraction (aSE), ECD, Placido topography (PT), Scheimpflug (S) and OCT tomography parameters for a mean of 3.8 years (3 to 4.2).


Mean age: 68.5, and changes: aSE -2.5 Diopters (D) to -0.9D, steepest OCT keratometry: 45,5D�Â�±3.71 to 43,5D�Â�±1.81 similar with PT and S. ECD: 1850 to 1750 cells/mm2, CXL OCT line effect was in average 30% depth. There were 2 cases with no recordable effect.


TG CXL appears to be safe, with variable efficacy. It may become and alternative in the management of low myopia without cornea incision or ablation.

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