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Effect of accelerated collagen corneal cross-linking in arresting the progression of keratoconus amongst young Omani population: one year follow-up results

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First Author: A.Al Abri OMAN

Co Author(s):    A. Al Augail   N. Raj Mohan                 

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to assess the effect of accelerated collagen corneal cross linking( ACXL) in arresting the progression of keratoconus (KC) amongst young Omani population one year follows up results


Armed force hospital (AFH) ophthalmology department, Muscat, Oman.


A retrospective study comprising 158 eyes off 101 patients age 9-20 years , with progressive keratoconus were included in this study and underwent corneal topography for max K and spectral domain OCT( SD-OCT) for Pachymetry. Forme fruste KC ,Pullucid Marginal Degeneration and other corneal ectatic condition were excluded. All patients underwent Epithelium-Off ACXL using 0.1%Riboflavin that was administrated for 10 minutes after debridement of 7-8 mm of corneal epithelium .Cornea was exposed to 365 nm UVA light for 4 minutes at an irradiance of 30mW/cm2. Patients were followed up at 3 months and one year.


over the time period the mean change of reduction in k max after is -0.135 ( -0.150 ,-0.120) per month which is statistically significant, P < 0.001 . Best corrected visual acuity statistically no significant change ( -0.001 , 0.001 ). Corneal thickness over period of time the mean change -0.465(-0.588 , -0.342 ).


ACXL, has shown significant effect in arresting the progression of keratoconus disease in our age group patients , also showed improvement by mean change -0.135 diopters of k max per month over period of time. Corneal thickness reduction even if it is statistically significant, the mean reduction of -.456 micrometer consider clinically stable cornea after ACXL. Fitting of the rigid gas permeable lens ,RGP , noted to be stable because of the flattening effect of CXL , so that�â�€�™s why statistically no significant change but practically patient gain good and stable vision.

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