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Comparison of the MyoRing implantation depth and visual outcomes by Mechanical versus PocketMaker methods

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First Author: K.Jadidi IRAN

Co Author(s):    S. Pirhadi   F. Nejat                 

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To compare depth and outcomes of MyoRing implantation using two methods including Pocketmaker method and Mechanical method


Vision Health research Center, Tehran, Iran


This retrospective study includes 39 eyes of 38 keratoconus patients with mean age of 29.1�â�–�¡(�.) 9.8 years (range 17-55 years) that have been operated for MyoRing implantation by two mentioned methods. The MyoRing implant is inserted into the corneal pocket which was made mechanically in 18 eyes (Mechanical group) or with Pocketmaker microkeratome in 21 eyes (PocketMaker group). Study follow up mean is 7.51 months with pre-operative and post-operative ophthalmic examination including uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA), best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and keratometry readings. AS-OCT (Casisa, ss 1000, Tomey, Nagoya, Japan) imaging was used to measure MyoRing insertion depth, exactly


Pre and post-operative UCVA, BCVA (LogMAR) and keratometry change for PocketMaker and Mechanical group are 0.68�â�–�¡(�.) 0.5 and 0.82�â�–�¡(�.) 0.33, 0.24�â�–�¡(�.) 0.25 and 0.24�â�–�¡(�.) 0.28, 4.83�â�–�¡(�.) 5.58 and 6.58�â�–�¡(�.) 2.9 respectively. There aren�â�€�™t any significant differences between UCVA (p=0.325), BCVA (p=0.839) and keratometry(p=0.191) mean change. Three different measurements were used to determine the intracorneal depth, at the anterior ring site to corneal epithelium, at the posterior ring site to corneal endothelium, and at cutting depth in temporal, nasal, inferior and superior position. At these measurements, there are not any statistically difference between two methods of implantation (p=0.14, p=0.644, p=0.307).


Results of Myoring implantation outcome by two methods (PocketMaker and Mechanical) are comparable.

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