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Femtosecond laser parameters for trepanation of hypothermic storage donor and recipient corneas

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First Author: I.Iskakov RUSSIA

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To choose the femtosecond laser parameters for penetrated keratoplasty (PK) trepanation of hypothermic storage donor and recipient corneas using intraoperative OCT dates.


Multidisciplinary Science and Technology Complex Eye Microsurgery named after Academician S. N. Fyodorov, Federal State Institution, Novosibirsk Branch, Russia


48 hypothermic storage corneas (Optisol-C, mean storage time -151,8 �Â�± 43,9 hours) were measured by Optovue intraoperatively. The minimum thickness was 642,9 �Â�± 40,8 �Â�µ. The parameters of VICTUS trepanation were selected in accordance with thickness of donor cornea. In cases of the thickness less 700 �Â�µ, the donor trepanation diameter was 100-200 �Â�µ bigger than recipient one. In cases of thickness above 700 �Â�µ, the addition for recipient trepanation diameter was 250-300 �Â�µ. Bed energy was 1100 and 1200-1300 nJ accordantly. Spot spacing was 5,5 �Â�µm, line spacing �â�€�“ 2,5 �Â�µm, rim cut angle - 90�Â�° for all cases.


During hypothermic preservation in Optisol-C storage media, the donor cornea had become swollen. The thickness of donor cornea was the main indicator for choosing of femtolaser parameters for the best penetrated trepanation of donor and recipient keratoconus corneas. Different trepanation diameter, bed energy were applied for different degree of the donor cornea edema. This approach allowed to do perfect trepanation of swollen donor cornea in all cases. Postop OCT showed good approximation of transplanted and recipient cornea. Femto PK were effective in restoring the clear corneas 12 months after surgery. The transplanted cornea were transparent in all eyes.


Intraoperative OCT control of the thickness of hypothermic storage donor cornea allowed to choose the optimal femtosecond laser parameters for perfect penetrated cornea trepanation, uncomplicated surgery and good post-op results.

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