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DALK using sterile cornea

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First Author: H.Hasby EGYPT

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To evaluate using electron beam irradiated corneal tissue in deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) surgery.


Tanta University Eye Hospital, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt.


With DALK, the front layers of the cornea (the stroma and epithelium) are removed but the innermost layer (the endothelium and Descemet membrane) is left in place. The procedure is offered to people with a healthy endothelium who are suffering from conditions that affect the stroma, such as keratoconus or stromal scarring. Electron beam irradiated corneal tissue packaged in 20% recombinant human albumin is used as donor tissue to accomplish the DALK procedure. The patients are evaluated postoperatively for clinical refraction, slit lamp biomicroscopy, topography by pentacam and healing pattern by anterior segment OCT.


DALK surgery offers favourable outcomes over PKP surgery because patient�â�€�™s own endothelial cells are retained during this split thickness corneal transplant, there is a lower risk of graft loss from rejection with DALK. Using irradiated corneal graft to perform DALK surgery gave favourable visual results, comparable topographic results and good healing pattern with stable clear graft at 6 months after surgery.


Using electron beam irradiated DALK corneal tissue can decrease the likelihood of cornea rejections, bacterial infections and other biologically induced adverse events. Additionally, irradiated tissue can be stored locally in the clinic or operating room for up to one year; thus: 1- Tissue becomes available during emergency situations. 2- The demand on local donors and the donor pool is diminished. 3- Cost of tissue may decrease overall as a result of increased availability and less waste. 4- Surgeons can keep tissue on hand for use where a local eye bank may not be available.

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