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Sutureless anterior lamellar keratoplasty for superficial corneal opacities

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First Author: D.Choudhary INDIA

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Deep Anterior Lamellar keratoplasty(ALK) is fastly emerging surgical technique for stromal diseases and like posterior lamellar keratoplasty , ALK is also evolving into more refined techniques. We present a new refinement in this series where sutures have been altogther excluded . This novel technique is limited to replace the superficial anterior layer (superficial opacities) of upto about 250 microns . The two lamella are attached togther with the help of Glue applied in peripheral parts in a ring form.


Sawai Man Singh Medical College , Jaipur ,India.


Depth of the superficial corneal opacities is first assessed with help of imaging techniques a day before surgery and then with the help of Guarded trephines, the desired depth of deseased cornea is shaved off and a donor lenticule which is about 0.25mm larger and about the same thickness as of removed button is taken . Glue is applied on the peripheral rim of recipient cornea to about 1-2 mm followed by quickly placing the donor lenticule and pressing it with a rounded smooth objects which can press rhe periphery.Bandage lens is then applied.


So far we have done 21 cases . Except for 1 case , on which the lenticule was not stable on first post operative day,had to be sutured, rest 20 cases had a very good anatomical outcome.The bandage contact lens was removed after 4 to 6 weeks.Epithelial approximation was extremely good on even first day.


Sutureless ALK for opacities confined to anterior one third of cornea is a very promissing technique which obiviates the suturing and its attended illefects.

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