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Outcomes of DSAEK in eyes with secondary IOL implants

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First Author: A.Arundhati SINGAPORE

Co Author(s):    D. Tan   J. Mehta   S. Leung              

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Comparative study between eyes that had DSAEK with ACIOLs and DSAEKs with ACIOL explant and scleral fixated and/or retro-pupillary Verisyse IOL implant.


Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore - a tertiary eye centre.


Data was extracted from the prospective ongoing Singapore Corneal Transplant Study (SCTS) Database. There were 19 eyes in the DSAEK with ACIOL group (Group A) and 39 eyes in the ACIOL exchange group (Group B). included demographic data, diagnosis, follow-up duration, graft survival, postoperative complications and reasons for graft failure. K-M survival curve was used to determine graft survival between the 2 groups. A p value of 0.05 or greater was considered significant.


The mean age of the patients was:70.4_10.6 in group A and 65.4_16.7 years in group B.Pseudophakic and aphakic bullous keratopathy was the most common diagnosis.Graft survival at 1, 2 and 3 years was 100%, 82% and 66% in group A and 100%, 80.8% and 80.8% in group B respectively and this was statistically signifcant. 36.8% (n=7) developed glaucoma in group A and 22.4% (n=13) in group B.


Presence of ACIOL in close relation to a DSAEK graft compromises endothelial function and hence 3 year graft survival.

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