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Immunomodulatory therapy for keratitis complicated by corneal epithelial insufficiency

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First Author: N.Volkova RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    T. Pochtarenko   I. Oleshenko                 

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Inaccuracies in diagnostics, prolonged unreasonable therapy, as well as features of the immune status in many cases determine the prolonged course of keratitis, the slowing of spontaneous re-epithelialization and the formation of coarse corneal scars. Purpose: To assess the mediated immunomodulatory effect of regional pterygopalatine blockades and topical cyclosporin A (Cyclosporin A, 0.05%) on the outcome of a protracted inflammatory process in the cornea.


S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution, Irkutsk, Russia Irkutsk State Medical University, Russia


17 patients with torpid forms of keratitis with extensive epithelial erosions of various etiologies were treated. To stimulate epithelialization of the defect, patients received pterygopalatine blockades with 2% 4.0 solution of lidocaine hydrochloride hydrochloride and local instillations of hyperosmolar solutions. After complete epithelialization of the defect, prolonged instillations of Cyclosporin A were administered until the complete restoration of the corneal epithelium. The cornea was assessed in a point scale (CCLRU), epithelium - by epithelium map (Optovue, USA), and visometry.


Clinical effect of complete epithelization of cornea, regress of infiltrate and restoration of tear film are achieved. Visual acuity is due to outcome of keratitis (localization of opacification).


An anti-inflammatory and immunoprotective effect of regional anesthesia is shown, which reduces stress-induced, excessive proliferation of pro-inflammatory agents. Nonspecific local (Cyclosporin A) and mediate (pterygopalatine blockade) anti-inflammatory and immunoprotective therapy allows achieving effective clinical result.

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