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Miracles of amniotic membrane graft in a case of severe alkali burn of the eye

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First Author: R.Malik INDIA

Co Author(s):    K. Malik   V. Malik   S. Kumar   S. Malik           

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1. To see effects of amniotic membrane graft on corneal re-epithelisation after alkali injury. 2. To see effects of amniotic membrane graft on limbal ischaemia occurring after alkali injury


Subharti Medical College, Meerut, UP, India


A 21 year old Male patient came to the emergency of our hospital after accidental injury with caustic soda (An Alkali) while working in a sugar factory. He came with a vision of FC 2m�â�€�™. Immediate rinsing of the eye was done with ringer lactate, followed by topical medication including a topical steroid. Total erosion of corneal epithelium and 3 quadrant limbal ischaemia was present on Day 0. Amniotic membrane graft was placed on the cornea within the first week, and topical medication continued. Corneal epithelial regrowth and limbal ischaemia resolution was observed over time.


1. Corneal epithelium completely recovered over 4 week�â�€�™s time. 2. Limbal ischaemia also fully recovered. 3. Best corrected visual acuity improved to 6/24P 4. Mild corneal conjunctivalisation and vascularization was noted towards the 5th week.


In conclusion, Amniotic membrane grafting is a very effective method of managing chemical corneal burns with an alkali, given that it is placed as early as possible. However, Amniotic membrane must be placed in conjunction to other topical medication.

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