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A new method for treatment in unsatisfied dry eye treatment patients with antioxidant activity and inhibition of excitotoxicity oral drug combined with cyclosporin eye drops

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First Author: J.Kim SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    M. Kim                    

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To introduce a new method for treatment with oral Ginkgo biloba to expect the antioxidant activity and inhibition of excitotoxicity of ocular surface combined with cyclosporin eye drops in unsatisfied dry eye treatment patients.


Department of Ophthalmology, Seoul St.Mary's hospital, the Catholic university of Korea


Sixteen patients with treatment unsatisfied dry eye patients(group I) without any ocular surface diseases and 16 post cataract surgery dry eye patients(group II) were included in the study. Routine dry eye examinations such as Schirmer, BUT, cornea-conjunctival staining, OSDI (ocular surface disease index) were applied all patients. Aesthesiometer was also applied pre and poster follow up periods in all patients. The patients were follow up at two week, 1, 2, 3 months and checked up the routine same dry tests including Aesthesiometer.


The results of dry eye parameters such as Schirmer test, BUT, cornea conjunctival staining scores, aesthesiometry were variable and it is not statistically significant different in all follow up periods in both groups but the OSDI index was significantly different in both groups after 2 months(from 32 to 23 in group I, p=0.041, from 36 to 22 in group II, p=0.037).


This oral Ginkgo biloba extract combined with cyclosporin eye drops is the new approach to relieve the patient refractory discomfort symptoms through stabilizing the activated nervous system in spite of improving dry eye routine test scores. This new approach may be beneficial to patients in hardship patients.

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