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Problems of treatment of corneal ulcers in the background of autoimmune processes

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First Author: B.Issergepova KAZAKHSTAN

Co Author(s):    M. Suleimenov   G. Esenzhan   N. Sabyrbayev   M. Kulmaganbetov           

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Description and demonstration of clinical features and functional outcomes of severe corneal ulcers on the background of autoimmune processes.


Kazakh Eye Research Institute, Almaty city, Kazakhstan


Eight patients (5 women and 3 men) aged from 32 to 67 years with severe corneal ulcers on the background of autoimmune diseases were under observation. Autoimmune diseases that have been observed in patients: Wegener�â�€�™s granulomatosis in 2 patients, Systemic scleroderma in 2 patients, Rheumatoid arthritis in 3 patients, Pemphigus in 1 patient. The observation period was 1-3 years.


In two cases at the time of admission, there was perforation of the cornea; the threat of perforation of the cornea was in other cases. In two patients, the autoimmune process was not diagnosed because of an unfavorable socioeconomic status, hence, these patients did not receive the necessary immunocorrection. Penetrating keratoplasty, amniotic membrane transplantation and blepharorrhaphy was performed twice in a patient with a perforated corneal ulcer on the background of Wegener�â�€�™s granulomatosis. In addition to progressive keratomalation there were scleromation zones in 5-7 mm from the limb, because of these, there was performed evisceration and enucleation.


Surgical treatment of patients (corneal and amniotic membrane transplantation) with corneal ulcers on the background of autoimmune processes often not only does not solve the problem, but also intensifies the progression of kerato- and scleromalacia. It is necessary to timely treatment together with immunologists. However, even in the case of timely immunocorrection, the prognosis in such patients remains unfavorable.

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