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Terminal chop new technique for full thickness nuclear segmentation in mature hard cataract

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First Author: R.Prasad INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Badhani   G. Dogra                 

Abstract Details


To describe a new efficient simple swift and safe chopping technique in hard mature cataract enabling a full thickness nuclear segmentation with minimal manipulation or risk of complications


This technique was innovated while performing routine cataract surgeries at a RP Eye Institute, Holy Angels Hospital, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, India.


A one year, non-randomised prospective series of 108 eyes of 79 subjects who underwent elective phaco cataract surgery of nuclear opalescence of grade IV or more (LOCS III). A short central shallow trench was created. The phaco tip was engaged at the distal end of the trench impaled towards equator with in the superficial plane of the nucleus to achieve a firm grip within the equator of the nucleus.A olive tipped chopper then hooked around the equator and drawn a mm into the terminal edge of equator, then laterally separated splitting the whole nucleus into 2 halves.


The terminal chop technique of nuclear segmentation of hard, large, mature cataracts was successfully performed in all 108 eyes of 79 patients. Following complete segmentation of nucleus, further steps of phacoemulsification were performed with minimal manipulation and use of phaco power.


Terminal chop is about utilization of unique mechanical forces to crack and break the hard nucleus along the natural cleavage plane from its weakest soft and thin equator.Terminal chop allows complete full thickness equator to equator nuclear segmentation including the posterior plate, with safe and consistent results.

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