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Results of new combined cataract and glaucoma operation technique in open-angle glaucoma patients: four years of follow-up

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First Author: O.Hurzhii UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    V. Melnyk                    

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Open-angle glaucoma is the common cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. Usually combined cataract and glaucoma surgery is necessary procedure in case of cataract progression and uncompensated glaucoma. It is necessary to perform so operation that allows to reach glaucoma stabilization and IOP compensation without additive drops on the long period. Besides this kind of operation has to be safe. The aim of our work is to assess long-term effectiveness of new combined cataract and glaucoma technique in open-angle glaucoma patients - Phaco-Emulsification with modified tunnel trabeculopuncture.




Operation technique: We perform classic deep non penetrated sclerectomy and cataract phaco-emulsification, then we perforate internal wall of schlemm�Â�´s channel laterally of filtration zone of deep sclerectomy. Then in to the space of schlemm�Â�´s channel we implant rests of capsular bag, which we get after anterior capsulorhexis. So capsular bag is as a kind of the tube - one end is at the anterior chamber of eye and another is at the intrascleral space. In 2016 we examined 413 patients (434 eyes), which were operated in 2012. We examined IOP, visual field and thickness of optic nerve fibers.


There were no one blind patients in this group. Stability of visual function without any hypotensive drops and repeated operations was in 386 cases (89%), additive hypotensive drops (pilocarpine 1%) are necessary in 18 cases (4,1%). In 30 cases (6,8%) during four years after operation we observed IOP increase and deterioration of visual functions. In 19 cases (4,4%) laser trabeculotomy was enough for glaucoma compensation. In 11 cases (2,4%) it was necessary to perform the repeated glaucoma operation (sinustrabeculectomy).


Combined operation technique Phaco-emulsification with modified tunnel trabeculopuncture is an effective method of treatment of the open-angle glaucoma patients. In four years it allows to reach of the effective IOP decrease and to keep stability of visual functions in 93,2% cases. In 89% cases patients don�Â�´t need any hypotensive drops or additive surgical manipulations.

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