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A new technique for scleral fixation of posterior chamber intraocular lens with no scleral flaps

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First Author: J.Zhou CHINA

Co Author(s):                        

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To describe a new technique for scleral suturing of posterior chamber IOL without scleral flaps.


Retrospective noncomparative case series. Twenty-three eyes without capsular support underwent implantation of IOL with this new technique. Anatomic and functional outcomes were investigated.(Ophthalmology, Xijing Hospital, The Fourth Military Medical University)


Conjunctival peritomies were made at 6 and 12 o�â�€�™clock. A 10-0 double-armed polypropylene suture was passed 3mm posterior to the limbus through the ciliary sulcus from 12 to 6 o�â�€�™clock. A loop of the suture was withdrawn and cut. Each cut end was tied to the corresponding haptic eyelet. The IOL was inserted and centered. Partial thickness bite through the sclera was made with the suture. The sutures were tied leaving a short loop. A knot was used to flatten the loops to the sclera. Each suture end was passed several times in the sclera.


The median follow-up time was 36 months (range 2-55 months). No suture erosion through the conjunctiva was observed throughout follow-up. The PCIOL remained well centered without tilt in 22 of 23 (95%) eyes. Complications related to lens suturing were minimal. Visual acuity improved in 65% cases. Final visual outcome was mainly affected by the retina, cornea and optic nerve status.


This scleral fixation technique eliminates the need for scleral flaps, minimizes operating time, and minimizes the risk of suture erosion through the conjunctiva in the absence of capsular support.

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