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Phacoemulsification of hard cataracts on post vitrectomised eyes

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First Author: S.Shukhaev RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    E. Boiko                    

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To assess the results of the phacoemulsification of hard cataracts on the eyes with previously performed posterior vitrectomy.


S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution. Saint-Petersburg.


This study included 15 patients with nuclear cataracts with NC 6 density according to LOCS III classification system. All the patients underwent posterior vitrectomy more than 1 year ago (5.2 � 3.5). In five cases phacodonesis of varying degrees was diagnosed prior to the surgery. All the patients were scheduled for microcoaxial torsional phacoemulsification.


In 14 cases (93.3%) sutureless phacoemulsification was performed successfully. In 6 cases (40%), including 5 with phacodonesis, capsular support hooks were used in order to stabilize capsular bag. 4 hooks were placed in 3 cases. In one of the last cases (6.7%) due to a high risk of nucleus dislocation into vitreus cavity the surgery was converted into a large incision surgery. The surgery was finished sutureless in all cases when 6 hooks were placed (n=3).


In order to simplify the cataract surgery it is better to perform phaco during the vitreoretinal surgery.

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