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Method of capsular bag support in crystalline lens subluxation

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First Author: C.Rosca ROMANIA

Co Author(s):    I. Tamasoi                    

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To highlight the role of capsular tension ring (CTR) and irrigating chopper in the management of a complicated situation �â�€�“ traumatic crystalline lens subluxation


Oculens private clinic, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Management of subluxed crystalline lens is a challenge. The use of phacoemulsification with CTR have shown encouraging results. We present the case of a young male that addressed our service for decreased visual acuity following a car accident. Slit lamp examination revealed a 160 degrees crystalline lens subluxation. We decided to perform crystalline lens extraction


We performed extraction of the subluxed lens. Because of the presence of vitreous in the anterior chamber, the crystalline material was extracted using the vitrector. A 13 mm CTR was inserted before performing phacoemulsification. For improved anterior chamber stability we used an irrigating chopper. The instrument also acted as a capsular hook as we used the curved tip to have extra capsular support along the subluxed area. After completing phacoemulsification a one piece hydrophobic acrylic IOL was implanted in the bag. At one month follow-up visual acuity was 0.9, the capsular bag was stable and the intraocular lens well centered.


The CTR helps in stabilizing the capsular bag and maintaining a good IOL centration. The use of an irrigating chopper is of great help in such cases as it improves chamber stability, compensates surge and gives extra capsular support.

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