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Bilateral ectopia lentis: a report of two cases of Marfan's syndrome

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First Author: R.Pinto Proença PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    D. Hipolito   E. Luis   N. Moura Coelho   R. Figueiredo   J. Cunha        

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Ectopia lentis is a rare condition characterized by a displacement or malposition of the crystalline lens which can cause severe visual impairment. Marfan's syndrome is one of the possible causes for ectopia lentis which can be one of the first manifestations of this syndrome. The authors report two different cases of MFS with bilateral superotemporal lens subluxation and their respective management approaches.


Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central


Patient case control


A 24-years-old male with a previous diagnosis of MFS came to the Ophthalmology department with complaints of decreased visual acuity in the left eye (LE). Ophthalmologic examination revealed a best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) of 10/10 in the right eye (RE) and 4/10 in the LE. Anterior segment examination revealed a bilateral superotemporal lens subluxation with stretched zonulae. The second case involved a 56-years-old female with diagnosed with MFS reporting a bilateral decreased visual acuity. BCVA was 3/10 in the RE and 6/10 in the LE. Slit lamp examination revealed a bilateral cataract with a superotemporal lens subluxation.


Both patients were proposed for surgical management of the ectopia lens in the affected eye due to the significant visual complaints. An anterior segment optical coeherence tomography, ocular tomography, laser biometry and anterior segment photography were done. Both surgeries were video recorded. Among ocular manifestations of MFS, ectopia lentis is the most common one and considered a major criteria for diagnosis. However, management of this condition is challenging due to the technical difficulty of the surgery and each case should be evaluated individually.

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