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Preoperative and intraoperative measurement of anterior chamber depth in intumescent cataract phacoemulsification: determination of endothelial cell loss in the early and late postoperative periods

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First Author: G.Manaenkova RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    O. Fabrikantov   S. Nikolashin   E. Pirogova              

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To measure the anterior chamber depth preoperatively and after the liquid lenticular mass removal from the anterior and posterior compartments of the swelling lens, to determine the endothelial cell loss in the early and late postoperative periods.


The Academician S.N. Fyodorov FS�Ð�I IRTC �â�€�œEye Microsurgery�â�€� Tambov branch, Tambov, Russia.


The preoperative and intraoperative examination of the anterior chamber depth was performed in 11 patients. The first measurement was made preoperatively. After the cohesive OVD had been injected into the anterior chamber, a 2 mm mini-capsulorhexis was created. Using irrigation/aspiration system the liquid lenticular masses were removed from the anterior and posterior lens compartments and a standard 5.5 mm capsulorhexis was created. By means of A-scan the anterior chamber depth was measured. Then we performed phacoemulsification with IOL implantation. At discharge and in 3 months after surgery the endothelial cells were calculated.


According to A-scanning data the anterior chamber depth was 2.55�Â�±0.10 mm preoperatively. Intraoperatively, after the liquid lenticular masses had been removed using the irrigation/aspiration system the anterior chamber depth increased by 1.66�Â�±0.11 mm and was equal to 4.21�Â�±0.08 mm. Z=2.93. P=0.003. The number of endothelial cells before surgery was 2088.36�Â�±53.01 cells/mm2, in the first postoperative week - 2068.45�Â�±52.2501 cells/mm2, Z=2.93, P=0.003, in 3 months �â�€�“ 1991.18�Â�±52.23 cells/mm2. In a week the endothelial cell loss was 0.95%, in 3 months �â�€�“ 4.65%.


It has been experimentally proved that intumescent cataract phacoemulsification with a 2-stage anterior capsulorhexis and lenticular mass removal from the anterior and posterior lens compartment allowed deepening the anterior chamber by 1.66�Â�±0.11 mm, up to 4.21�Â�±0.08 mm intraoperatively before the ultrasound tip started working. It allowed decreasing the endothelial cell loss up to 0.95% in the early postoperative period and up to 4.65% in 3 months after surgery.

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