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Management of the luxated crystalline lens in homocysteinuria

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First Author: G.Aliyeva AZERBAIJAN

Co Author(s):    I. Sharif                    

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Homocystinuria is a disorder of methionine metabolism ,leading to an abnormal accumulation of homocysteine and its metabolites in blood and urine.The surgical management of ectopic lentis presents the ophthalmic surgeon with numerous challengis and options.From the clinical evaluation to the surgical approach ,ectopic lentis patients require technique and devices to ensure the best possible outcome.


BRIZ L eye clinic BAKU,Azerbaijan


The 6 years old boy with homocysteinuria ws followed by us for 2 years .He has not contacted with nurses and can't determine the visual acuity.Refraction OD:sph -12.50 CYL-1.75x135 ,OS:sph-13.75,cyl-1.25x55,TnOU-14mmhg.On biomicroscopy both eyes has clear cornea ,deep anterior chamber ,subluxated down and nasally lens.We just observed every 6 month.In last visit he had luxated lens in the anterior chamber the left eye.We decided to do the phacoaspiration of the lens both eyes and to implant the ARTISAN iris fixated IOL.Surgery was performed under the general anesthesia and both eyes was operated together .


We did the 6 mm sclerocorneal main incision and 2 side ports. from main incision luxated lens absorbed and done anterior vitrectomy also.Then iris fixated IOL implanted.After implantation iridectomy also done. Surgery completed with out any complications. he has clear cornea and mid deep anterior chamber after the surgery.He had the refraction OD:�.50 ax -4.0ax 125 ,OS: �.25 cyl -3.00ax 65


In the management of the luxated lens in homocysteinuria we can use iris fixated IOL.

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