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Surgically-induced astigmatism correlation with geometrical corneal properties after cataract surgery

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First Author: G.Velarde SPAIN

Co Author(s):    V. de Juan   D. Antolin   J. Hernandez Verdejo              

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Surgical induced astigmatism is an important factor in cataract surgery mainly when a toric intraocular lens is implanted. This parameter depends on the type, length and location of the principal incision but its relation with some corneal properties remains unclear. The purpose of this study was to compare and analyse the correlation among corneal irregularity index (CII) and the corneal asphericity of anterior corneal surface with surgically induced astigmatism.


Clinilaser Eye Clinic in Madrid, Spain


41 eyes of 41 patients underwent cataract surgery by the same experienced surgeon. All surgeries had temporal clear corneal incision (CCI) of 2.2 mm length. Astigmatic impact was studied with the Naeser polar values method analysing SimK values from Pentacam, (Oculus, Germany) before surgery and at least 1 month after uneventful cataract surgery. Only topographies marked as OK by Pentacam were included. Polar values AKP and AKP45, corneal irregularity index and corneal asphericity values were tested for normality distribution with Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Correlations among CII, corneal asphericity and flattening and torque effect were analysed with Spearman correlation coefficient.


41 right eyes from 41 patients with a mean age of 65. �Â�± 10. years underwent cataract surgery. Gender distribution was 13 (32%) males and 28 (68%) females. CCI mean value previous to surgery was 0.03 �Â�± 0.01 and corneal asphericity was -0.29 �Â�± 0.15. The flattening effect was -0.08 �Â�± 0.35 D (p=0.087) and torque effect mean value was -0.01 �Â�± 0.31 D (p=0.936). Spearman correlation for CCI and flattening effect was 0.13 (p=0.938) and for torque 0.04 (p=0.806). Spearman correlation coefficient between asphericity and flattening was 0.25 (p=0.12) and with torque 0.013 (p=0.936).


Surgically induced changes in corneal astigmatism after cataract surgery is not well correlated with corneal geometrical properties.

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