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Comparison of 9 biometric formulas including Hill-RBF and Panacea

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First Author: A.Tello COLOMBIA

Co Author(s):    G. Frederick   V. Galvis   M. Duenas   A. Serrano   P. Camacho   S. Carmona     

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To compare the performance of nine biometric formulas, including two novel methods: Hill-RBF calculator and Panacea IOL and Toric calculator


Centro Oftalmol�Ã�³gico Virgilio Galvis, Floridablanca, Colombia / Universidad Aut�Ã�³noma de Bucaramanga, Bucaramanga, Colombia


: Prediction errors of the postoperative refraction were calculated using nine methods in a group of 144 eyes with Restor intraocular lens (IOL). The performance of each formula was ranked with a proposed scale for accuracy. The formulas were ranked by the mean, the standard deviation, the median and the maximum limit of the absolute value of their prediction error, as well as by the percentage of prediction errors within � 0,50 and � 1,00 Diopters. A consolidated ranking system averaging ranks according to the previous mentioned measures was applied to get the final performance rank of each formula.


The consolidated rank order of formulas` performance (best to worst) was: Hill-RBF (using ULIB�Â�´s A constant), Barrett Universal II (using personalized constant), T2 (using ULIB�Â�´s A constant), Barrett Universal II (using machine�Â�´s built-in constant), Panacea (using ULIB�Â�´s A constant, standard anterior/posterior corneal radii of curvature ratio and corneal asphericity), SRK/T (using ULIB�Â�´s A constant), Haigis (using ULIB�Â�´s a0, a1 and a2 constants), Hoffer Q (using ULIB�Â�´s pACD constant), Olsen (using personalized constant),Olsen (using machine�Â�´s built-in constant), Olsen (using formula author�Â�´s suggested constant) and Holladay 2 (using machine�Â�´s built-in constant).


Hill-RBF, Barrett Universal II, T2 and Panacea IOL calculators showed the better performances in a group of eyes implanted with Restor SN6AD1 IOL using our rank scale, compared to other biometric formulas (SRK/T, Haigis, Hoffer Q, Olsen and Holladay 2).

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