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Assessment of surgery on the basis of the patients' subjective observations: FLACS vs manual phaco

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First Author: S.Shukhaev RUSSIA

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To assess the patients' subjective satisfaction after one eye of each patient underwent FLACS and the fellow eye underwent conventional manual phacoemulsification.


S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution. Saint-Petersburg.


The first group (n=13) included the patients who underwent the manual phaco on the first eye, and FLACS on the fellow eye. The second group (n=15) - vise versa. All the patients were asked to fill in the questionnaire 1 month after the second surgery. Two questions were asked: 1) Did you feel more comfortable during the second surgery as compared to the first one? 2) How do you asses your vision quality after the second surgery as compared to the first one? Possible answers: much better (+2), better (+1), the same (0), worse (-1), much worse (-2).


The groups were comparable in terms of the best corrected visual acuity before and after surgery (p>0.05). In the first group the following answers to the 1st question were received: (+2)-0%, (+1)-7.7%,(0)-23.1%, (-1)-30.1%, (-2)-23.1%. In the second group, the first question was answered as follows: (+2)-33.3%, (+1)-13.3%, (0)-26.7%, (-1)-20%, (-2)-6.7%. Answers of the first group to the second question: (+2)-0%, (+1)-7.7%, (0)-38.5%, (-1)-30.7%, (-2)-15.4%. The second group’s answers to the second question were as follows: (+2)-0%, (+1)-13.3%, (0)-33.3%, (-1)-33.3%, (-2)-20%.


Subjective tolerability of the procedure is better during the conventional manual phaco. Subjective quality of vision during the first month after the surgery is better in the first operated eye, regardless of the type of procedure.

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