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Results of UniversIOL intraocular lens power calculation in different patient demographics and surgical environments

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First Author: S.Sayegh USA

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Cataracts being the major cause of blindness and visual limitation worldwide, cataract surgery is practiced in a very wide spectrum of presentations and technological environments. It is imperative that this universal health issue be dealt with in a universal way insuring uniform excellent results across environments. We present a comparative study that illustrates how UniversIOL can provide the computational tool to insure that level of success.


The EYE Center and hospitals/surgery centers in USA (IL, CA), Poland, Greece, and Mexico.


A three level classification system was defined based on stage of cataracts and degree of access to expensive technology. 1) Relative early cataracts (20/40 range) with access to high tech tools was represented by two sites in the US (IL and CA). 2) Harder cataracts (20/100 range) with good access to phaco and ultrasound and/or intereferomtery and at least both automated and manual keratometry (Poland and Greece). 3) Very hard cataracts (HM to LP) with access to MSICS or phaco and ultrasound and at least manual keratometry Results using UniversIOL were compared to results obtained prior to adoption of UniversIOL.


All three site types achieved significant improvement in the percent of patients reaching 0.5 D from target. In well controlled environments these results exceeded 95% with 0.5 D. In sites 1) and some of type 2 sites the results extended to toric IOLs. In site 3 a new method for compensating for surgical induced astigmatism has been proposed.


It is possible to use a unique computational tool across a very distinct variety of cataract presentations and surgical environments. UniversIOL represents a powerful implementation of that principle that is available for use worldwide.

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