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Study and analysis of 50 cases of toric IOLs in our institute

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First Author: P.Rajput INDIA

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To study and analyse the result of implantation of toric IOLs in 50 pts having cataracts with pre existing corneal astigmatism between 1.0 D to 3.50 D using clear corneal phacoemulsification as the surgical technique.


This was a retrospective study conducted at PRISM EYE INSTITUTE , NAVI MUMBAI, INDIA between the period of June 2016 and January 2017.


Surgical technique- phacoemulsification Incision - clear corneal temporal / superotemporal Preop corneal astigmatism measured by optical biometry Calculation of the toricity and placement of incision done by toric calculator Marking of the axises done by sterile bubble marker Postop astigmatism measured on day 1, 5 and 25 by autorefractometer Postop spectacle acceptance given on day 30 Grading of happiness


Results achieved were as follows : Sr Preop Astigmatism Postop day 1. Postop day 5. Postop day 25. Spectacle acceptance Happiness gr 1). 1.0D - 1.50 D. 0.75 D. 0.25D. 0.25D. Plano. 3 2). 1.51D - 2.0D. 1.25 D. 0.50D. 0.50D. Plano. 3 3). 2.01 - 2.50 D 1.50 D. 0.75 D. 0.50D. Plano. 3 4). 2.51D - 3.0 D. 1.50 D. 0.75D. 0.75D. 0.50 D. 2 5). 3.01 - 3.50D. 1.75D. 1.0D. 1.0D. 0.75D. 2


Best results in terms of Postop residual astigmatism and happiness factor was achieved by pts having preop astigmatism between 1.0D to 2.50D where they enjoyed a 6/6 N8 vision unaided and where the happiest in terms of visual outcome. Pts with preop astigmatism betwn 2.51D to 3.0D got unaided vision of 6/9 N8 and with a correction of 0.50D could achieve 6/6 N8 and were moderately happy about their visual outcomes Pts with preop astigmatism betwn 3.01D- 3.50D achieved unaided vision of 6/9p N10 and with a correction of 0.75D could achieve 6/6N8 vision and were just happy

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