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Comparison of hydrophylic Rayner C-Flex and Rotho single piece IOLs in terms of compatibility with their own disposable injection systems, visual outcome and complications

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First Author: Z.Mazhry PAKISTAN

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To evaluate Hydrophilic Rayner Cflex and Rotho Single Piece IOLs in terms of compatibility with their own disposable Injection Systems, Visual Outcome and Complications like PCO rate and lens deposits/ discolouration.


WAPDA Teaching Hospital Complex Lahore Pakistan.


A retrospective study was planned. The patient records with routine phaco and IOL implantation of either Rayner C-flex or Rotho single-piece IOLs at eye department from January 2010 to December 2012 were analyzed. The first 100 eyes for both the groups were included in the study. The patients with capsular and phaco related complications were not included. The follow-up analysis was performed yearly for four years. Criteria for comparison between both the groups was intraoperative compatibility of IOLs with their manufacturer provided injection systems, postoperative visual outcome, and complications especially PCO and lens deposits and discolouration.


Superior haptic catch/cut was noted in two cases in Rayner group and six eyes in Rotho group. It was not significant in Rayner group because of its dual haptic design. In the case of Rotho lens, two lenses needed replacement because of significant haptic cutting. Two IOLs got stuck in the cartridge in the rotho group and none in Rayner group. Visual outcome was similar in both groups. 8 eyes needed Yag in Rayner group while 13 eyes were yagged in Rotho group in this period. Two lenses had calcific deposits in Rotho group and none in Rayner group.


Rayner CFlex design performed better regarding intraoperative compatibility with its injection system as compared to Rotho. Its dual haptic design keeps it centred in spite of superior haptic cutting in two cases. The rate of PCO was also less in Rayner group. It may be related to lens material and design.Rayner lens also performed better regarding long-term biocompatibility.

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