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Influence of extracapsular and phacoemulsification cataract surgery on iris pattern recognition system

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First Author: S.Matic CROATIA

Co Author(s):    �Å�½. Hocenski   D. Bosnar   M. Rosic   M. Matia   M. Rosic        

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The aim of the study was to research the influence of the ECCE(extracapsular cataract surgery) and ultrasound phacoemulsification (PHACO) surgery on iris pattern recognition system; to determine the influence of vital dye trypan blue which is used in white and mature cataract surgery on the algorithms of iris pattern recognition; to determine the influence and connection of the main intraoperative variables used in PHACO surgery (CDE- cummulative dissipated energy, phaco time and estimated fluid used) on the percentage of correspondence in the group of patients who underwent PHACO surgery.


The research was conducetd at University Hospital Centre Osijek, Institute of Ophthalmology,School of Medicine University Josip Juraj Strossmayer Osijek in collaboration with Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer and Software Engineering Department University Josip Juraj Strossmayer Osijek.


This study was performed on the sample of 120 patients divided into 3 groups according to the clinical cataract findings.30 patients underwent PHACO surgery,30 patients underwent PHACO surgery using vital dye trypan blue, 30 patients underwent ECCE surgery and 30 patients were the control group who did not undergo any eye surgery. The photographs of the patients before and one month after the surgery, as well as the photographs of patients in the control group were entered in the database and analysed using the program for iris identification.The basic data obtained by comparing two pictures is the percentage of correspondence.


The research confirmed the influence of ECCE and PHACO surgery with or without using vital dye on the possibility of identification of persons by using the existing program package for iris identification. The most prominent effect had ECCE surgery, while the least had PHACO surgery without using vital dye trypan blue. The study did not confirm the influence of vital dye trypan blue used in PHACO surgery on the percentage of correspondence in relation to patients who underwent PHACO surgery without using trypan blue (Man Whitney U test, p=0.210).


By analysing the connection of the influence of CDE,phaco time,estimated fluid used during PHACO surgery on the percentage of correspondence,all three variables in both groups of patients are in negative correlation and are statistically significantly different than zero.Results suggest that unrecognised patients should have to be reenroled in process of iris identification after cataract surgery.Although the application of biometric iris identification systems has been proved as highly reliable and precise,results obtained in this research call for correction of algorithm and modification of certain procedures in the process of person recognition(recording,lighting),as well as using minimally invasive surgical techniques in cataract surgery.

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