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Analysis of a large series of MICS toric lenses: what amount of astigmatism correction for the best vision?

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First Author: G.Lesieur FRANCE

Co Author(s):                        

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To study the refractive results after 428 implantations of Toric MICS IOl during cataract surgery with hydrophilic acrylic lens.


Centre Ophtalmologique IRIDIS, Albi, France.


This retrospective study comprises all patients who were implanted in 2016 by the same surgeon in BMICS with AT TORBI 709M/MP (Carl Zeiss Meditec) bitoric IOL hydrophilic acrylic lenses. The goal was to correct total astigmatism with the calculator Z align and optimization with Scheimpflug camera data. Astigmatism correction was adapted to the aging (different for 60 years or 80 years old patient). A micro monovision was done to increase intermediate vision.


The mean age is 76.29 years (SD 8.68) with an IOL astigmatism power of 1.60D (SD 0.84). The interest of low astigmatism correction will be analyzed with statistical analysis (not done yet).


Correction of astigmatism in cataract surgery requires analysis of total astigmatism (anterior and posterior) but also must be adapted to aging. For sure we have to correct astigmatism to reach the best vision. In addition it�â�€�™s more challenging to correct low power astigmatism but we have to give this option to ours patients with a micro monovision to enhance intermediate vision (binocular vision 20/20 J3 for more than 90%). However is important to leave low with the rule astigmatism with young patient to avoid decrease of quality of vision in the future by increase of against the rule astigmatism.

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