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Objective near vision performance following multifocal pseudophakic presbyopic correction

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First Author: G.Labiris GREECE

Co Author(s):    P. Ntonti   M. Patsiamanidi   H. Sideroudi   K. Georgantzoglou   V. Kozobolis        

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Pseudophakic presbyopic correction is among the prevalent methods for regaining near vision capacity. The purpose of this study is to compare the impact of pseudophakic monovision correction and multifocal lens implantation on the performance in a series of activities of daily living (ADL) of presbyopic patients.


The study took place at the department of ophthalmology at Democritus University in Alexandroupolis, Greece


An ADL research framework (10 ADLs) was constructed and validated in a sample of patients divided into three validation groups according to their near visual acuity. Sixty-two participants that underwent mini-monovision (MoG) cataract extraction and 60 that underwent bilateral multi-focal lenses implantation (MfG) populated study groups and addressed the ADLs. Binocular uncorrected distant (BdUVA) and near (BnUVA) visual acuity were associated with ADL scores and with subjective satisfaction using the VF-14 questionnaire.


Test-retest reliability [all Intraclass Correlations Coefficients (ICC) >0.90] and construct validity (all p�â�€�‰<�â�€�‰0.05) tests indicated sufficient psychometric performance of the ADL framework. Both study groups presented comparable mean ADL scores (p�â�€�‰=�â�€�‰0.07) however, MoG patients had lower performance in demanding ADLs (p�â�€�‰=�â�€�‰0.02). ADL scores demonstrated significant correlation with BnUVA (r2�â�€�‰= -0.67, p�â�€�‰<�â�€�‰0.01) VF-14 scores (r2�â�€�‰=�â�€�‰0.53, p�â�€�‰<�â�€�‰0.01).


Both methods provide sufficient near vision capacity for the majority of activities of daily living. However, only multi-focal lens implantation can address demanding near vision tasks.

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